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11-22-2012, 05:54 PM
What should I beware of when I send a whole .html page with outlock express to customers?

My outlock express is in swedish but I will try to translate the steps I make.

First I make a .html file with text and images, via <img src="http://webpagesexampeladress.com/image.jpg">, so it won´t be any attached files in the e-mail.

Then I open outlock express and press "Create E-mail" > "Webbpage"
And then I write the adress in the field that comes up. For example http://webpagesexampeladress.com/news_mail_2012.html

Then outlock express creates a new e-mail with my .html file in the textarea.
It is now possible to edit with outlock express, like a plain text e-mail.

And now I write the adress to my customers and press SEND.

Is it correct to do like this? Have I forgott anything that will look monstrous in for example Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail? :)

The things I allready know is that there should be no extern .css and it is good to have a link in the bottom of the page(e-mail) that says "Does the page look monstrous, press this link to view it in your browser".

I will be very happy to hear your thoughts about this : )

11-23-2012, 02:39 AM

Here is a very good resource detailing what works and what doesnt.

There are also a number of free templates available to download. Why not download some and look to see how they are built?

I sent HTML emails in outlook express a long time ago but from memory this email client is one of the few that have an edit source button. I used to do all my editing / building first then copy and paste my HTML straight into the source.

Info on how to locate the source button (http://email.about.com/od/outlookexpressadvform/qt/Edit_the_HTML_Source_of_a_Message_in_Windows_Mail_or_OE.htm)

11-23-2012, 04:49 AM
Please note, every email program I've used so far (Windows Live Mail, Opera Mail, My ISP's mailbox, Hotmail, maybe more) blocks images from all senders unless explicitly unblocked. I have recieved innumerous amounts of formatted emails, and they have all looked completely hideous because they are full of white boxes with red crosses where a blocked image is.