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11-17-2012, 02:38 AM
I would just like to start by saying sorry if this is the wrong area.
I am trying to import data from a a Game site API http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/api/1.0/?source_token=WG-WoT_Assistant-test&search=KST&offset=0&limit=1, however I am not sure where to start with this one.
It doesn't appear to be standard xml.

What I am trying to do is create a script on my website which will read this page and import the data into the database, and via a cron will update it every day.

A tap in the right direction with this one would be a great help.

Thankyou in advance

11-17-2012, 06:43 AM
Its not XML, it looks to me that its JSON. Use PHP's json_decode function to return it to an array PHP can deal with.