View Full Version : Inline vector sprite not working in IE8

11-16-2012, 11:10 AM

The .svg file is from another site. I'm using it to test an SVG sprite sheet.

You should just see 'GOODBYE' in a small red box. IE8 shows only half of this in the same red box.

The script displays the GOODBYE image at about half of the size that the .svg file shows it at (I need to be able to do this and also show at any size and the script will do this in modern browsers if I change the values).

This works in all current browsers and latest mobile phones, but not IE8 (or 7) and not some lesser popular mobile phones.

I've got a feeling there's either an obvious reason or an obvious solution.

If someone can help me get this working in IE8 then I think all the mobiles will also display correctly (as they show exactly the same problem as IE8).

Also, for this, I want to use the inline sprite sheet and I want to use <object>. Please don't suggest <img> or using a CSS background image. Thanks.