View Full Version : How to make subdomain and upload a website in my subdomain

11-13-2012, 03:38 PM
Hello, I am new in this forum. How to make sub domain and upload my website in my sub domain ?

11-13-2012, 06:14 PM
Do youb have a control panel with your hosting plan? That’s where it’s usually done.

11-14-2012, 10:01 AM
I do not how to upload my website site in my sub Domain

11-14-2012, 06:56 PM
If you create a sub-domain with cPanel, for example, it will create a directory in public_html / www with the name you select. Files in that such directory can be accessed via sub-domain. I don't know if other interfaces work the same or not.

11-16-2012, 05:28 AM
I think it depends on your hosting plan, but for me (hostgator) to create a subdomain, it can be done directly from cPanel. One of the options is "Subdomains".