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10-26-2003, 03:26 PM
Well, it has full templates, template switcher, gallery with tons of features, its own admin area, the admin area for the cms is modular and yeah.

The newest feature that I am still writing is:
Old pic

This is how it shows up now

Back to administration... || Show descriptions. || Check for updates.
Filename Current Latest
./addons/ac_Choose_Template.php 1.0.0 1.0.0
./addons/ac_randgallerypic.php 1.0.0 1.0.0

With descriptions
Filename Current Latest
./addons/ac_Choose_Template.php 1.0.0 1.0.0
^ Heart of the choose template feature
./addons/ac_randgallerypic.php 1.0.0 1.0.0
^ Heart of the random media gallery photo

I took the status out, added a color legend to the bottom and use red, green and greyish blue

Color / Description
File is out of date RED
File is up to date GREEN
File was not found Grey Blue

When you click check for updates, it contacts my website, and downloads the newest version listing then checks the files to see which ones are out of date etc etc..

This system works very fast, and very soon, ill have on click installations :-)

So if a file is out of date, click the file and the server downloads it, and installs it :-)

Now, so I dont have to learn the ftp functions, I will simply make a script called updatefile.php with a get script file

basically what it does is gets the contents for the file and then overwrites the other one.

there will have to be security involved, so it checks the file for

// This file is allowed to be downloaded
or something
if not found in first 200 bytes of the file then die blah blah

What do you all think?


Saw some posts saying alot of photo galleries had too many features

Heres a quick listing:


Category and sub category listings, unlimited inside unlimited allowed.
Full templating for media.php
Shows how many Entries | Normal Cats | Sub Cats etc there are IF you put them in the template
The picture listing, multipage etc
mouse over tool tip :: BY: Mike McGrath  Pop up information box II http://website.lineone.net/~mike_mcgrath

A popup window, first of its kind in php only that resizes to fit the photo -- You can switch modes so the same file opens in the same window...
A next / previous photo in the popup / same window
slideshow feature

Then a full admin area



>> Configuration

Edit CFG :: Can edit the configuration file

>> Manage Files

Upload files :: Can upload files into cats, sub cats.
Upload Mulitple :: WIP
Delete files :: Can delete the sql data and the file
Edit files :: Can edit the data

>> Manage Categories

Add Category :: Add a category or sub category
Edit Categories :: Edit categories...
Delete Categories :: And you can delete them

>> Inject Sql
Inject File-SQL :: Did you upload a file sometime, or both, just fill in the picture name and it adds it

10-27-2003, 05:06 PM
Well its done

What does it do:
The updation module allows admins to update files in seconds (mainly me...)

How it works:
It works in 3 or more files...

The module itself basically creates a list of files, reads the first few bytes of the file checking for $version = "***"; *** being dynamic.

If the version does not match the version in the versions.txt file then it says there is an update (downdate etc...)

The get list feature connects to my website, to another script, this script goes through the files in the list (pre-defined for security) and generates a version list or dump

As you can see its not that hard to read:
The first bit...
Acecoolco.com Official Website Backbone Update list block:
./addons/ac_Choose_Template.php = "1.0.0";
./addons/ac_randgallerypic.php = "1.0.0";
./addons/ac_security.php = "1.0.0";.
/addons/ac_security_show.php = "1.0.0";

What is this?
It generates the new and updated versions.txt file and sends it to the website you are currently on, WITHOUT, yes, WITHOUT any ftp functions...

The get update feature...
This one was complicated, how can you send a file to another server without any login data at all?
Ive managed to figure it out
First off I added some security,
Are you requesting this page from my website backbone?
Are you requesting it from the update page?
Is the file allowed to be sent?

No if all of the above have passed the test then the file is sent, and overwrites the current file on the ftp -- NO FTP FUNCTIONS... lol...

How is this file writable?
Well, this uses the chmod function, while updating it gets chmodded 0777, right after its chmodded 0744.

What does all this mean?
This is the most sophisticated script known to php because it not only gets versions of files dynamically, it can create the list dynamically (so it doesnt have to check each time, it downloads the list...)
And the script can even update the file that is not up to date without any ftp functions etc...

Conclusion, this has got to be a milestone for php history, the first dynamic file version listing, 1 click updating of files script.