View Full Version : do i need crossdomain xml file

11-03-2012, 11:54 PM

I have a flash based chat and once in a while i get an error in my error log in cpanel that says that the crossdomain xml file does not exist.

There are people in the chat every day so i dont know why i only get this sometimes, what could someone be doing to cause this?

Do i even need this file?

I did some googling and found this to turn it off i guess


I am assuming that is a php ini command, but do i need to use it?


OK i guess i was wrong that is a asp command so i guess i wont be using it cause i know nothing of asp.

i did find this def of the file:

What is the crossdomain.xml file?

The crossdomain.xml file is a cross-domain policy file. It grants the Flash Player permission to talk to servers other than the one it's hosted on.

My question now is why would this need to talk to any other server?