View Full Version : Mapbox and Leaflet Question - JavaScript newb question

11-02-2012, 04:31 AM
I want to use Mapbox to create the tiles for my map. Leaflet for the UI, (Zoom, popups, etc.)

I have successfully used WAX (made by MapBox) to get Leaflet and MapBox to work together.

I followed this tutorial here.

Ok. So I just put in my custom .jsonp code into the Javascript and I can see my custom map displaying with the basic zoom controls of leaflet.

My question is... Can I just use Leaflet and Mapbox in a faster, easier way? For example, without WAX?

What exactly is WAX?

I am a newb and any advice, would be much appreciated.

I have attached my simple project folder. Here is the DropBox Link

Thanks, Steve