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10-30-2012, 10:02 PM
HI guys

bbewlow is my code..
i have a unexpected $end error so i know im missing a closing tag or something daft somewhere but i cannot find it..

been looking at this code for 3 hours now ..
please help guys

many thanks !

} else {
$search = '%';

// Pagination & DB Query ( INDEX PAGE )
$limit = '15';
mysql_select_db($dbn, $dbc);
$page = $_GET['page'];
$cquery = "SELECT * FROM phones WHERE `man` LIKE '$search' OR `product` LIKE '$search'";
$cdoresult = mysql_query($cquery, $dbc);
$cresult = mysql_fetch_assoc($cdoresult);
$totalrows = mysql_num_rows($cdoresult);
if(empty($page)){ // Checks if the $page variable is empty (not set)
$page = 1; // If it is empty, we're on page 1

$limitvalue = $page * $limit - ($limit);
// Ex: (2 * 25) - 25 = 25 <- data starts at 25
mysql_select_db($dbn, $dbc);
$prodquery = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM phones WHERE `man` LIKE '$search' OR `product` LIKE '$search' LIMIT $limitvalue, $limit",$dbc);
//echo $query;
$prodresult = mysql_fetch_assoc($prodquery);
// End Pagination ( INDEX PAGE )

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<div class="toptextbox">
<?php echo $indextext;?>
<div class="h1">Top 15 Phones Of The Week !</div>

<div class="maincontentbox">

if($i !=3){
do {
$man = str_replace(' ','+',$prodresult[man]);
$model = str_replace(' ','+',$prodresult[product]);

if(!$cresult){ echo "Sorry, No Results Found"; } else {?> <div class="indexphonedisplaybox">
<span class="indexphoneheadertext"><a href="<?php echo $prodresult['deeplink'];?>" class="indexphonelinktext"><?php echo $prodresult['man'];?> <?php
echo $prodresult['product'];?></a></span><br/><span class="indextarifftext"><?php echo "<b>Tariff : </b>".$prodresult['tariff'];?><br/><b>Phone From :</b>
<?php echo $prodresult['price'];?></span><img src="<?php echo $prodresult['image'];?>" width="150px" height="150px" title="<?php echo $prodresult['man'];?>
<?php echo $prodresult['product'];?>"><br/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="<?php echo $prodresult['deeplink'];?>"
class="indexphonelinktext">Click Here</a></div>
//PROPER PHONE URL <a href="phone.php?man=<?php echo $man;?>&model=<?php echo $model;?>&pid=<?php echo $prodresult[pid];?>
}while($prodresult = mysql_fetch_assoc($prodquery));

</div> <!--<div class="paginationblock"><?php
$numofpages = $totalrows / 20;

for($j = 1; $j <= $numofpages; $j++){
if($j == $page){
echo "<a href=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]?keyword=$search&page=$j\"
class=\"paginationlink\"><u><b><font color=\"#FF0080\">$j</font></b></u></a> - ";
echo "<a href=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]?keyword=$search&page=$j\"
class=\"paginationlink\">$j</a> - ";

if(($totalrows % 20) != 0){
if($j == $page){
echo($j." ");
echo "<a href=\"$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]?keyword=$search&page=$j\"
class=\"paginationlink\">$j</a> - ";

<!-- footer block -->
<div class="copyblock copytext">&copy; Copyright <a href="http://www.popularphones.co.uk" class="copytext">Popular Phones</a> .co.uk <?php echo
<div class="footerblock">Test</div>


10-31-2012, 12:14 AM
This isn't good for a start:

//PROPER PHONE URL <a href="phone.php?man=<?php echo $man;?>&model=<?php echo $model;?>&pid=<?php echo $prodresult[pid];?>
}while($prodresult = mysql_fetch_assoc($prodquery));

You've closed a php tag and then continue to try and run php.

Thats all I found with a quick use of CTRL F in Notepad++ with the language set to php so that it highlights everything.

Take a look at the link in my signature about this error. You'll see why notepad++ is a good bit of kit.

You also need to consider keeping your php and html seperate. Run your php at the top and then print your variables into the html.

10-31-2012, 06:38 PM
This isn't good for a start:
Take a look at the link in my signature about this error.

I've had to trim my signature of all its useful links and as you've not replied I'm not sure if you had chance to read it or not.

Here is the link:
TIP: Coding styles and $end errors (http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?p=1088720#post1088720)

11-02-2012, 11:03 AM
tango you are a life saver .. dunno why it did that .. the commenmt tag should have done the qwhole line .. but for some reason the code was going onto new line

oh well sorted now thanks tango :)