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10-22-2003, 11:57 AM
Hi guy are you doing?
we have just a little problem, now will be show you .
i find a protection password js but i try to modify and doesn't Work ,
the only problem is if you lave the password camp blank you go in the protected page.
Someone now how i can stop user or ask again the password ??
this is the js to edit :

<script language="JavaScript">

function passWord() {

var testV = 1;

var pass1 = prompt('Inserisci la Password');

while (testV < 3) {

if (!pass1) history.go(index.htm)

if (pass1.toLowerCase() == "luca") {

alert('La tua password esatta');




var pass1 = prompt('Sbagliato! Puoi riprovare.','Password');


if (pass1.toLowerCase()!="altro" & testV ==2) history.go(dvd/nx.htm);

return " ";