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07-27-2002, 03:26 AM
Hi all, this is my first post. Your forum comes highly recommended too! :)

I primarily work in flash-director and I am interested in building a full screen presentation for the web.

The problems I've encountered regarding the javascript to set up the html page that my flash piece resides in:
1. Apparently fullscreen settings are dependant on the user's browser (netscape/msie) because the javascript is different for each.
2. The browser settings are also different based on the user's platform. (mac/pc)

My Question: What is the best way to create an html-javascript casing page that is truly crossplatform and crossbrowser too?

This is what I have so far
1. Run a check to test user's platform and browser
2. This leaves 4 potential cases

I understand how to set the fullscreen for the msie-pc but I can't find any info on the msie-mac, netscape-mac, OR the netscape-pc

I'll take any help I can get! ~_~;;;

Thanks again everyone for your patience!


07-28-2002, 03:52 PM
I copied this extremely simple script from one of many pop-ups I'd encountered in some of my more mind-numbing surfing sessions--mainly becuase i hadn't found any scripts from "legitimate" sources that did what this one does:

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>

Seems to work the same in Netscape & IE (at least on my 'puter), and to the unsuspecting surfer, it can be truly annoying! the only apparent "problem" is that you can't get to the resize button in the lower left of the browser window when this sucker springs itself on you....maybe this can be a springboard for ya..