View Full Version : ASP Category Vertical Menu

10-21-2003, 06:48 AM
I had created a vertical menu using JavaScript (.js file) for my shopping cart. My whole shopping cart is created using ASP. However, I had some difficulties with the menu.
This menu contain menu contain main categories and sub categories. On mouse rollover on the main category, the sub categories will appear.
Main Category: Television
Sub Categories: Plasma, Flat Screen, Projection TV
On click on the sub category and it will take us to sub category main page.
However as all these products information (including their ID, Categories, and all other information etc) is stored in a database, therefore information will be pulled out from the database.
I had created a CatList.asp (Category list where will select the category from the database) This is a very simple catlist, which is use more for hyperlink. But I have got no idea on how to improve it to link it with my js file.
I had attached the Catlist.asp and my menu.js together with this mail, could anyne give me some suggestion / guidelines / help on how should I do it.