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10-13-2012, 01:40 PM
Hi there,

I am currently attempting to edit a simple search form script. What I am wanting is for, when a search result is displayed, the title of the search result to be hyperlinked to the page.

I am not very good with PHP, thats why I am creating a simple 'free flash games' website to improve my skills. I want the user to be able to search for a game, and the title of the game to be hyperlinked - the title of the game will be hyperlinked by getting the url from the table, but I am not sure how to do this.

Heres my code:


include 'dbc.php';

// Set up our error check and result check array
$error = array();
$results = array();

// First check if a form was submitted.
// Since this is a search we will use $_GET
if (isset($_GET['search'])) {
$searchTerms = trim($_GET['search']);
$searchTerms = strip_tags($searchTerms); // remove any html/javascript.

if (strlen($searchTerms) < 3) {
$error[] = "Search terms must be longer than 3 characters.";
else {
$searchTermDB = mysql_real_escape_string($searchTerms); // prevent sql injection.

// If there are no errors, lets get the search going.
if (count($error) < 1) {
$searchSQL = "SELECT sid, sbody, stitle, sdescription FROM search WHERE ";
// grab the search types.
$types = array();
$types[] = isset($_GET['body'])?"`sbody` LIKE '%{$searchTermDB}%'":'';
$types[] = isset($_GET['url'])?"`surl` LIKE '%{$searchTermDB}%'":'';
$types[] = isset($_GET['title'])?"`stitle` LIKE '%{$searchTermDB}%'":'';
$types[] = isset($_GET['desc'])?"`sdescription` LIKE '%{$searchTermDB}%'":'';
$types = array_filter($types, "removeEmpty"); // removes any item that was empty (not checked)

if (count($types) < 1)
$types[] = "`sbody` LIKE '%{$searchTermDB}%'"; // use the body as a default search if none are checked
$andOr = isset($_GET['matchall'])?'AND':'OR';
$searchSQL .= implode(" {$andOr} ", $types) . " ORDER BY `stitle`"; // order by title.
$searchResult = mysql_query($searchSQL) or trigger_error("There was an error.<br/>" . mysql_error() . "<br />SQL Was: {$searchSQL}");
if (mysql_num_rows($searchResult) < 1) {
$error[] = "The search term provided {$searchTerms} yielded no results.";
else {
$results = array(); // the result array
$i = 1;
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($searchResult)) {
$results[] = "{$i}: {$row['stitle']}<br />{$row['sdescription']}<br />{$row['sbody']}<br /><br />";

function removeEmpty($var) {
return (!empty($var));

<title>My Simple Search Form</title>
<style type="text/css">
#error {
color: red;
<?php echo (count($error) > 0)?"The following had errors:<br /><span id=\"error\">" . implode("<br />", $error) . "</span><br /><br />":""; ?>
<form method="GET" action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" name="searchForm">
Search For: <input type="text" name="search" value="<?php echo isset($searchTerms)?htmlspecialchars($searchTerms):''; ?>" /><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Search!" />
<?php echo (count($results) > 0)?"<h6>Games found in the UniVerse for '{$searchTerms}' are:</h6><br /><br />" . implode("", $results):""; ?>

Is there a way I can add an additional snippet of code which will hyperlink the title in the search results?

Thanks for your help! :D

10-14-2012, 02:00 PM
I've not read your script...but if you want to hyperlink to that page, simply make the title of the result to be a link to that page.

How - Here's one way:

Maybe the pages' contents are dynamic because they all use one script whose HTML content changes. So maybe the url goes something like yourwebsite.com/index.php?id=2

Where 2 is the id of the game or whatever product it is.

So essentially, you also get the ID of the game/product from the database as you fetch other things. This makes the results easily dynamic.

Then do something like:

while($r = mysqli_fetch_assoc(mysqli_query($link,"SELECT * FROM games WHERE game_name LIKE '%search_term%'")){

$id = $r['id'];

echo <<<CODE

<p><a href='mywebsite.com/index.php?id={$id}'The Title of The search results</a>

This is the newest game in the COD trilogy. The franchise has hit it perfect this time.

Using the above or whatever variation you choose, makes the results dynamic and therefore the title hyperlink relevant to the page.

The <<< i used in the code is the heredoc (http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.string.php) , that is if you didn't know about it.