View Full Version : dynamic menu breaks on IE5/Mac

10-15-2003, 10:40 PM
I'm beginning to feel bad about scoffing at those requests I've seen which just say "HEY can u chek outt his paeg @ www.mysite.com and tel me y it brakes?"

But then.... Hey.

Can you check out this page at http://www.dot.state.ga.us/ and tell me why it the menu doesn't draw in IE5/Mac? I'm not worried about the page rendering so much, as it may be a side-effect of the menu; regardless, it's a problem for a different day (I hope).

The four tiers of bosses are finally wising up to section 508 and accessibility, trying to get the site to work everywhere. Of course, not by redeveloping it to standards, but by fixing it where it's broken outside the fundamentals.

Anyway, I have very limited access to a Mac, and can't figure out how to debug borken javascript in its IE5; I'm hoping some of you more enlightened than I unto its ways can point me at some potential problem areas.

Here's the down & dirty: the SSI grabs an XML file off the server which contains instructions for drawing the menu. There's a custom XML parser, limited to the menuing tagset, which creates the data elements upon which the menu is based. Then, a function which turns the data elements into divs and text with event handlers. Somewhere in all that spaghetti is a problem; I can't tell where. I've been reading on this all day and from what I can see, there isn't anything wrong with the code, necessarily, just the overall design.

Anybody got some time to spare? :o