View Full Version : Future of javascript disabled users

10-13-2003, 01:21 PM

Due to pop-ups and security issues, more and more people seem to disable javascript (googled it!).

Does a browser look for scripts, the text: javascript or....., otherwise we could code in ecmascript or else, not?

Is it possible for a user who has javascript disabled to view a site with working javascript when for instance:
- This site has a Verisign certificate?
- This site is added in his secure sites (browser option)
- other

Comments, and ideas are welcome,

10-13-2003, 03:34 PM
It depends on how you set op your browser. I personally have iew set to ask if I want to run scripts on pages from the internet zone, but run them always in secure zone. In moz, though, I run scripts per default but disallow just some specific sites (often only temporarily to test them). I don't allow pages opening new windows at all, that's something only I can do. Same goes for resizing windows, accessing the statusbar and moving windows.

As far as I've seen, browsers don't distinguish JavaScript from ECMAScript, or even VBScript, TCL, ActiveRuby or anything else. It's scripting in general that is disabled or not, or specific features of scripting.