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10-05-2012, 02:15 PM
Hey Guys,

My uncle has set up an account with web builder and used there hosting stupid idea i know. This is why i am trying to move his site as an add-on to my domain if possible i am new so let me know what i can and cant do.

Can i move his site to the same location as mine but point his web-address to that place? if so how do i do this?

and will i then be able to create multiply email accounts for free as crazy domains charges $1 a month not much by why pay if i dont have to.

Thanks any help or ideas would be great. thanks

10-05-2012, 02:51 PM
Hm, while writing the text below I realized I may have misunderstood so my actual reply to the domain linking comes first here and then the other stuff I originally wrote.

Whether you can link a domain to a remote webspace depends on what the hosting plan allows. I suppose this is usually not possible with cheap hosting plans but you have to check that out with the provider.

You have two options in terms of accessibility: Make his site a sub domain on your domain (e. g. http://subdomain.example.com), or make it a simple sub directory (e. g. http://example.com/subdir). Both options usually are set up the same way on the server (as a sub directory) but the way the user is able to reach the site is different.

A sub directory is the simplest solution as it only requires you to put the website files on your server and you can then access it at http://example.com/subdir. However, this is only feasible for simple websites that work out of the box and where you know all file paths in the site are relative. If there are absolute paths like <link href="/css/styles.css" Ö> (which resolves to http://example.com/css/styles.css and which obviously is not what you want because the files are not in the web root but in the sub directory) youíll have to change all of them to relative paths or to e. g. /subdir/css/styles.css (which resolves to http://example.com/subdir/css/styles.css).

This is where a sub domain comes into play which has the advantage of being a separate namespace, as you may call it, where absolute paths keep their validity, so /css/styles.css resolve to http://subdomain.example.com/css/styles.css.

A sub domain is usually set up in your web spaceís control panel where you assign that subdomain to a specific (sub)directory on your web space.

Then you need to set up a 301 redirect on the original siteís server. It depends on whether this is allowed on a cheap webspace but some might also allow a frame redirect (which isnít quite a redirect, it is showing the other website in a frame that covers the whole viewport).

As to e-mail accounts it depends on what your hosting plan allows but on your webspace/domain you will only be able to create e-mail addresses with your domain, maybe even your sub domain, too. So you can only do hisname@yourdomain.com or even example@subdomain.yourdomain.com.

However, now that I think about it, all this hassle would probably be of no concern if you just moved his domain to another, better, web hosting provider. This is dependant on the cancellation policy of the current contract, of course.

10-05-2012, 03:11 PM
Thanks for your quick reply and i will be looking at all these options i just want to keep his domain name which is a .com.au in place i dont want a sub directory from my .com.au if that makes sense but tomorrow i will definitely check out his cancellation procedure and costs and what not and see what i can do.

Since this post i did however get access to the cpanel at the current hosting place crazy domains to find a very limit selection of things that i have access to but was able to set up an email for no fee. But still not sure how this will work if i change the name servers pointing to the domain.

Thanks for you quick reply.

10-05-2012, 05:38 PM
1) Verify from his registrar that you have access to changing the DNS tables associated with his domain. You'd like to change the DNS servers, and host IP (A record).
2) Verify with your hosting plan that you are allowed to create add-on domains, and get the two nameservers and IP address of your host

If the above can be done, then:
a) Create an add-on domain on your host, pointing it at some folder in your directory space (/uncle)
b) Drop all his files in that folder
c) On his registrar, update his DNS table with the two nameservers and IP address of your host

<begin slightly vague, potentially wrong advice....>
Email and forwarding need to be set up on the DNS tables, so once you've moved them I think the email on his registrar will no longer work and will need to be done at your hosting service. So if that's a key piece of this, I'd suggest verifying that your host can provide them before you move his DNS. If you need to leave email on his registrar, then I'm pretty sure you can leave the DNS tables on his service (by not changing the nameservers), but only change the A record to your IP.


10-06-2012, 10:13 PM
So, is Crazy Domains the hosting service you are trying to move your Uncle's account to? And who is your uncle's domain name registered with?

CPanel rocks. However, the hosting company can limit what modules you can access in your CPanel. I know for sure CPanel is very capable of having add-on domains. In other words you can transfer your uncle's domain name to your hosting account and both your domain and your uncles domain will be two seperate entities; thus you do not need to subdomain anything.

You will also need to find where\who your uncle's domain name is registered with, go into the domain settings and change the two DNS settings. Make sure the domain is registered under either your name or your uncle's name...if it's not then you don't legally own the domain name, the person's who's name it's under owns it.