View Full Version : would like help with simple telnet script/batch file

10-05-2012, 02:30 AM

I would like to know if someone could assist or point me in the right direction for creating a BAT file or something that can telnet into my router, make a change and then logout?

I am not a programmer but I know the principles and fundamentals behind it and have handled some basic BAT files before (I made one to disable Avast and one to start it back up again..simple I know lol).

the router is
login for telnet is username: admin password: admin
then enter sh to get into busybox
the command I want to execute is
xdslcmd configure --snr N (where N is a value 1-300 representing percentage of target SNRM, ie. 1-300%)

I would maybe like to request input from the user if possible for them to enter the value, but also know how to create a BAT file with a fixed value (such as 50). For those who may not know, this command adjusts the noise margin in broadcom based ADSL routers allowing for higher broadband speeds (or the opposite to stabalize noisey lines)

can anyone help me with this at all? or am I asking too much..?

I would be extremely gratefull