View Full Version : Inputs not working upon Win7 boot

10-04-2012, 10:47 PM
I've got this computer that has worked fine for a long period of time. All of a sudden the mouse wouldn't work. I then realized neither what the keyboard or the NIC. It was then that I realized none of the inputs worked.

As soon as I boot into the machine I can use both a keyboard and mouse and everything is recognized. I can get into the BIOS and I can boot in safe mode.

Weather the machine is in safe mode or not as soon as Windows is booted the machine wont recognize any input devices.

Any ideas?

10-05-2012, 07:19 PM
Sounds like you've either got a virus or a pretty nasty corruption somewhere.

I'd throw that windows disk in and try booting from that. Assuming that you're input devices function properly, you can get to the repair (can't remember if Windows 7 media has a command line option), and you'll want to either follow the gui for the repair utility, or run an sfc /scannow command. Make sure you run a chkdisk if it has an option (or just use the chkdsk C: on the cli if you can interact).

Try that out first. If that doesn't work, then methinks that you have something rather nasty or really bad drivers. Its a little strange to me that you'd lose pretty much all IO devices if it were drivers, but it could be a motherboard driver or something of the sorts (install that from media if you have it). Things to consider as well are changes; did any hardware change or did you take a recent software update?

10-05-2012, 07:22 PM
The Win 7 boot disk does have a command line. I just reinstalled Windows right away. I didn't have anything important on the machine.

I was just curious over what happened. The reinstall fixed it right up.

I reinstalled all of my mobo drivers too.