View Full Version : Document order form print in pdf

10-11-2003, 01:32 AM
I am trying to create a local page that will have 5 buttons which lead to a different list of checkboxes which are referring to pdf documents. When the checkboxes are selected from one menu luser can go back to first page and select another button with same results. When through it should be able to print documents that were checked (most are pdf) in the order they were checked or so that the first item checked is on top of pile. Sound like a pile to you? I've been on webmonkey and other sites but can't piece it together. I'm trying learn js in 24hrs now as well as shock therapy but I would appreciate advice. If you can tell me a place to search or give any pointers or code I would be very greatful and name my first born son (or daughter )after you. If noone can answer that maybe they can tell me how teflon sticks to the pan. Thanks

All files will be on harddisk or cd...nothing on server