View Full Version : Need to basically copy this exact form... not sure how

09-24-2012, 06:19 PM
Hello, so I have a form I need to make, that needs to do basically the same thing that this one below does. My server only suppors php though... this page is .aspx.

Basically, all I need is that when someone answers "no" to a question, it then brings you to a "Unfortunately you did not pass" page, and if they answered "yes" to a question, it brings them to a "Thank you, we'll contact you soon page."

This form below does basically exactly what I need... although I am not sure how I can emulate it. My server only supports PHP.


The javascript thankfully is included in the page though, which should help. I am just not sure how that is processed to go to the thankyou.html page

Can some kind soul possibly steer me in the right direction on how that can be basically emulated for my own form?

Thank you!

Old Pedant
09-25-2012, 12:30 AM
Ummm...the form, per se, is not relevant to the server side language you use.

The only thing you have to change (aside from getting rid of all the junk code that ASP.NET produces) is the action= of the <form>. Just use <form action="yourPageName.php" method="post">.

Everything else should be trivial to do in PHP code.

NOTE: You *could* do the yes/now tests in JavaScript code, but if you are going to need to process the form in PHP, anyway, you might as well do that in PHP as well.