View Full Version : Image manipulation program in javascript

09-21-2012, 12:39 AM

I have a program written in python 2.7 on eclipse, that performs simple image manipulation e.g. turns selected jpg/png/bmp image files to black&white, sepia and negative,etc. It uses a Tkinter GUI and the python image libraries to achieve the manipulations. The altered image can be saved to the local machine.

I wish to re-engineer it as a learning exercise, so that it works as a web app on say an amazon ec2 server. I would be nice to be able to save the altered on amazon storage. However, web app development is rather new to me so I thought it best to check with others more knowledgeable that I am using the right approach.

I want to try to keep this as simple as possible and it does not need to look too beautiful. I am planning to use javascript/ html on the browser client and php on the server. I understand that this is the most popular way of doing such a web app? Before I get started on this coding/scripting, could someone more knowledgable please advise whether this proposed javascript/html/php approach is a good one.

Many thanks!