View Full Version : Deleting comment/forum posts without an admin panel

Len Whistler
09-19-2012, 10:41 PM
Below is a script that you can "delete" posts without an admin panel, you use the URL and $_GET[''] instead. The idea is to make removing posts as easy as possible from any computer without bothering with the admin panel.


No admin panel required.
All "deleted" posts remain in the database and can be restored by simply changing post status back to the default value of 1.
All individual posts have an anchor link. Good for the user who may want to email a link to the post and bookmarking.

How it works:

You notice a problem post to remove, in this example post 0003.
Click the posts anchor link to display the post id in the URL. index.php?post=0003#0003
Replace the #0003 with your delete password. index.php?post=0003password
Reload the page.
If your delete password is a correct match then the row status is changed to 0.
Only posts with a status of 1 will display.

if (isset($_GET['post'])){
$post = $_GET['post'];
$passWord = substr($post, -8); // last 8 characters.
if ($passWord == "password") {
$postId = substr($post,0,4); // first 4 characters.
mysql_query("UPDATE posts SET status=0 WHERE id=$postId");

$sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE status = '1'");
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){
echo "<a name=\"$row[0]\"></a>\n";
echo "<a href=\"index.php?post=$row[0]#$row[0]\">$row[0]</a><br>\n";
echo "$row[1]<br><hr>";