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10-09-2003, 10:50 AM
Hi Dear all
First of all i want tell that i am a newbie to this Java.

I am trying to create web pages to post books written in a language not supported by windows.For this i have scanned the pages of books & saved them as .jpg.All this images names starts with the abbrevation of book & ends with page no. For instance abbrivation of one book is "aks" & has 30 pages.so i named pics of this books as aks-1.jpg,aks-2.jpg,aks-3.jpg...aks-30.jpg.

I want to create two frames.In right side frame i want to put page numbers (for ur info this language is written from right side). this page number are in .gif files becoz it is not in english.I named this number files as 1.gif,2.gif,3.gif..........So here i want is when i click a page number it should load the same scaned page of the book on left side frame.

I have to make web pages like this for nearly 40 books some have more then 50 pages.
Is it possible to write a program in such a way that i just need to write no. of total pages of the book & gif pics of numbers are loaded automatically in the right side frame according to total number of pages availble for this book, to reduce my work.

If u have any new idea u r most welcome

i am attahing sample file u can an idea what i want

Thanks in advance to all

10-09-2003, 11:18 AM
First at all, Java is not the same with JavaScript.

Now, it looks a little bit confusing to me what you need... Do you need to introduce, as a client, a number in a field, and this will generate a number of gifs on page? Or you want to generate those gifs autmatically when a new book is loaded in the left frame? Could you be more specific, please?