View Full Version : How do I Improve on this Menu Bar

10-08-2003, 07:40 PM
Please find attached a very cool "Menu" bar (you'll find out why). I was hoping if anyone could help me "improve" on it a bit with the following "additions":

a) How can I change the text-color and other properties of the "MAIN Menus"?

b) What/Where do I need to add/change properties if I want the "MAIN Menus" to change text color/properties when I mouse-over them?

c) What do I need to add/change if I want the "MAIN Menus" or even the sub-menus to "remain" on an onclick active state, when I click on them?And of course, go back to it's regular state when I move on to different menu link...

d)Finally (honest!), what do I need to add if I have to make submenus to the sub-menus?? Like a 2nd sprout from the 1st.

Any help on all or any of the above is very much appreciated!