View Full Version : changes in template are not shown in browser, why?

09-10-2012, 09:18 PM
Hello, I'm biulding a site in joomla 2.5, but sometimes when i make some changes in the admin I'm sure they must cause certain changes in the template then i go to the browser(firefox 15 ) and they are not reflected, even when i already cleared the cache of the template in joomla 2.5 and i have an addon(clear-cache)and i clear the browser cache.

so WHY is this happening, a few minutes ago i realize a change i did about an hour ago and was not shown in firefox,and i try several things and nothing was working, then i openned google crome and IT WAS THERE!!! the change i just made, but not in firefox

so my main question is this how or what can i do to be absolutly sure that a change is going to be shown in the browser after i do it in the joomla admin? or in the editor (im not sure if im being enought clear, my english is terrible)

because is a huge waste of time, yo make some changes, and then you go to the browser and you dont see what you want, and then you say, ho!!!! this didnt work, ill try something else, and two hours later you are still on that just because the browser is not showing the changes.

i must say again that befor trying to see the changes i first clear the template cache in joomla and then i clear the browser cache with the clear-cache addon and then i refresh or reload the page of the browser.
Thank you very much 4 any help you guys

09-11-2012, 12:03 PM
Chances are you're altering the wrong files, and due to the variety of template authors and their own template mainframes, it makes it hard to know what to tell you to get yourself on the get go.

Are you altering the site template files, or a component/module template?

It sounds most certainly that you're changing the wrong files, maybe on the wrong domain. :)