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10-06-2003, 11:08 AM
Hello people,

I have found this search script on the internet and I really love it. It was full of buggs but I removed them. With this script I can decide my own keywords, description and url's.

There is only one problem. I dont know how to optimalize the script. i'll explain:

Now I have to do it like this:

Keyword [1] = "test"
Descrip [1] = "beschrijving "
Address [1] = http://URLnaarwebsite.nl

My problem is that I have to enter 400 keywords so doing it like this wont be easy.

I searched around and people told me to do it like this:

search[1]= new Array ('key','link1','discription');
search[2]= new Array ('key2','link2','discription');
search[3]= new Array ('test','link3','discription');
search[4]= new Array ('test','link4','discription');

I just have no clue how to put this in the script and what I have to change for it. I hop you can read all of this couse I am not englisch but Dutch.

I hope you can help me

greetings from the netherlands

<title>Search </title>
<xxbase target="basefrm">

<body BGCOLOR="#ffffff" link="#CC0033" vlink="#333399" alink="#FF0000" <!--content start-- -->

<script language=JavaScript src="frames_body_array.js" type=text/javascript></script>
<script language=JavaScript src="mmenu.js" type=text/javascript></script>

<td WIDTH="100%"><font FACE="ARIEL,HELVETICA" SIZE="-1"><p align="center"><script

<!-- Hide Script from Old Browsers

Redesign by -->Paul
Optimized by -->Daniel Bergman [http://botw.cjb.net].

original from-->Java Search Engine
(c)1997 Adam ALLEN.
Version 2.0


Keyword = new Object();
Descrip = new Object();
Address = new Object();

// Keyword[0] = n (where n is the number of keywords which can be searched
Keyword[0] = 6

// Each entry is split into
// Keyword[n] = text (where text is the keyword of which the entry is to
// be searched by (type Keywords in lowercase)
// Descrip[n] = text (where text is the description associated to this entry
// Address[n] = text (where text is the URL associated to the entry
// n is the entry number.

Keyword[1] = "test"
Descrip[1] = "URL naar een website."
Address[1] = "http://eenURLnaarWEBSITE.com"

Keyword[2] = "test2"
Descrip[2] = "een url naar locale site"
Address[2] = "//URLnaarlocalesite"

Keyword[3] = "test3"
Descrip[3] = "Click here to visit the Compaq site "
Address[3] = "http://URLnaarwebsite.nl"

Keyword[4] = "test4"
Descrip[4] = "Your site can go here!"
Address[4] = "\\urlnaarlocalesite";//Arakrys!!!!!!!!!

function checkDatabase() {

var Found = false
var Item = document.forms[0].searchfor.value.toLowerCase();

stats += 'scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes'
MsgBox = window.open ("","msgWindow",stats)
MsgBox.opener = window;
MsgBox.opener.name = "opener";
MsgBox.document.write("<head><title>Search Results</title></head>");
MsgBox.document.write ("<body bgcolor=white text=black link=blue vlink=darkblue alink=blue><H2><CENTER><font face=arial>Search Results</CENTER></H2>")
MsgBox.document.write ("<font size=3><b><center>For the keyword: "+Item+"</center><hr width=50%></b></font>");
for (var i=1; i <= Keyword[0]; i++) {
if(Item == Keyword[i]) {
Found = true;
MsgBox.document.write ("<li><font face=arial><font size=2><b>"+Descrip[i]+"<BR><A HREF="+Address[i]+" target='opener'>Click Here To Go There</A></font></font>")
if(!Found) MsgBox.document.write ("<H4>Nothing Found</H4>")
// Leave the line below intact if you want to legally use this script
MsgBox.document.write ("<FORM><CENTER>")
MsgBox.document.write ("<font size=2><font color=arial><INPUT type='button' value='Close' onClick = 'self.close()'></font></font>")
MsgBox.document.write ("</CENTER></FORM>")
MsgBox.document.write ("<H6><small><small><small><b></b><font color=white><font face=arial><font size=1><font color=black>Designed by Paul </font></font></small></small></small>")


// There must be my notice above if you are to use this script legally.
// It took many hours work, fairs is fair, I just want that little line in
// and you get a fully working Search ENGINE, for FREE, on your site
// In Java Scripts as well, and not crap JAVA!
// Also a copyright notice MUST appear with the form.
// -->

</script> </p>
<form NAME="form1" onSubmit="return checkDatabase()" Arakrys!!!!!!!!! >
<b><div align="center"><center><p>Search for server name or IP adress:</b><br>
<input TYPE="text" NAME="searchfor" VALUE="" SIZE="20"><b>
<input type="button" value="Search" align="absmiddle" onClick="checkDatabase()">
<!--content stop-->

10-06-2003, 03:33 PM
you could enter the 400 words in a text file, then read it into the array one line at a time?

10-06-2003, 03:45 PM
you must know I am a NOOB so I dont know what you're talking about