View Full Version : [Question] Creating a program

09-04-2012, 10:31 AM
Hey guys, i got a task to make a software - a program that improves typing with a keyboard.

Im completely clueless on what to look for on google, so i found some forums and post this in hopes someone will give me some tips on what i should look for..

So yeah if someone knows about this stuff (making programs similar to mine), id like u guys to:
- Tell me if this is going to be impossible to make for someone who knows very little about programming (i only built some websites with php, learned some basic java and c++, but never made any 'programs')
- Maybe give some tips on what i should look for on google (with what software can i make this program, what guides i should look for, etc)
- If this isnt the forum on witch i should post this stuff, maybe someone can point out to another place where i can seek help

Thanks for reading