View Full Version : Help installing motorola ex115 as modem for AT command testing

09-03-2012, 05:37 AM
I want to install motorola ex115 as modem to try at commands. These are the steps I did..

1. I download motorla ex115 modem driver here

2. After down loading, the driver I right click and choose install.
3. I connect my motorala on usb
4. On control panel I select phone/modem, I add new modem, on models I select Motorola usb modem.
5. I choose have disk and select the driver I downloaded.

After doing the steps above I tried the hyper terminal( i create connection), type AT, it does not work(you are suppose to see OK)

Did I miss something here? I tried also with Nokia(just need to download the pc suite and install) at hyper terminal, it's fine and working.