View Full Version : someone with a mac, help!

tyler jones
10-05-2003, 02:27 AM
Can someone go to this site http://www.earthnwood.com/pages/mulch.asp and click on the little "How much do I need" image for the Cedar mulch. It should open a calculator. I've received a report from another person who has a mac that when they put in the numbers of 20 feet length, 10 feet wide and 3 in the depth inches field, that it opens up an alert telling them to recheck the values that they must be numeric. I'm using isNaN to make sure someone enters a numeric value and this person said all they entered was a 3, so I can't figure out why it did that. Also, the form on this page is not being submitted (there's not even a button on it to submit it) but this same person is also getting an alert from the browser warning them that submitting this form would be insecure. This happens when they enter a 1 into the depth inches field. Again, I'm stumped. Can anyone reproduce this or offer any insight? Thanks!