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09-01-2012, 07:53 PM
Thank you for your time in viewing this post.

Currently in need of some assistance. Have never branched into this area(s) of web design. Here is the need:

Website for a private club

Home page. On link to login. Successful login gains access to a products page allowing members to order specific club products. No login, no access. It is a private club so membership is not publically offered. By sponsor only. So there will be no 'SignUp' link on the login page. However, there needs to be a non-linked page which sponorsed applications may be directed to which allows this:

small form fields for identifying applicant, sponsor name, etc

small form text box with legal membership clauses. form field to 'check' box to agree.

accept button and decline button.

In our heads we are imagining very simple apply.php; login.php; index.html; products.html.

It seems simple in our heads, but we can not find any templates in the search engine worlds which would help us gain the understanding of how to write/modify to our needs.

If any of you can point into the direction of a template like solution which can be modified, or similar solution, we would be very grateful, thank you for your time.

Truthful Ventures Church

09-01-2012, 08:28 PM
You either need to custom code this in PHP or use some sort of membership scripts / CMS like wordpress etc, customized to work as a membership script etc. Either way, you need hardcore PHP skills to make it work. Customizing an existing membership / CMS script to exactly match your needs will also take considerable amount of skill, as you have specfic requirements. I would personally recommend custom coding, as this is simple enough and unique.

If you are thinking like products.html, probably you are not skilled enough to do it. No, there can't be any HTML page, every page after login need to do some dynamic stuff - like acess control, dynamically displaying the products and taking order etc. Even though this is not a complex project, you may not want beginners / people with no real time PHP / database experience to handle such jobs. Get an expert to do it for you - you can easily find one on Elance.

09-01-2012, 09:19 PM
Would not it be as simple as a php form field within a html web page? Would it not be as simple as a form post to signup.php with all the form fields previouslly mentioned. We have the know how how to do a simple php form fields posted, but do not know the line to could to deny the post if the "check" box is not checked.

as for the login page, are there not any php (or other script) login options where a simple login box can be posted in the middle of the html page and which gets the data from the proper access files and login script file?

dont let the products page create confusion. This will very very bare bones and will not be incorporated with any of the login / signup scripts. It will not be a very simple html form field with paypal option only. Not needing anything complicated with timeouts, cart check against login, saved card numbers, etc. needing the login only for gaining access. The login will not be relevant to the ordering of the products on the product page.

We are imagining, a login field with login script which post data to ensure proper login credetinals, and then the it automatically redirects to the restricted html file products.html ??

Bare Bones. As simple as the registering page is for common php forums.

09-01-2012, 10:11 PM
You'll need to know PHP and also know MySQL.
MySQL is the database that will contain your usernames, passwords, etc.

Sign-up isn't as simple as you think.

There still needs to be PHP/MySQL scripting to save the information,
confirm their sign-up (using email?) and allowing them to fix it if they
make a mistake or want to change password.

Then, a 2nd part needs to be done for an "admin" person who can view all
users and make changes to them. That "admin" person has his/her own special
login for just "admin".

Here's a free script I've used in the past:

I'm not sure how updated it is (as in secure).

09-01-2012, 11:31 PM
This is exactly what we have been looking for. Thanks so much. We have the idea to take the 'register' link and toss it on non-linked page.

Again. Thanks so much

09-01-2012, 11:58 PM
PHP is used to generate the pages on the fly ... meaning, it first checks
to see if the user has logged-in (a PHP SESSION will be set if logged-in),
and then it grabs data (content, articles, paragraphs, photos, etc) from
a database and creates the whole HTML page that gets sent to the user's
browser. So, you won't have any 'static' HTML pages. It's all PHP ... just
like this forum you're viewing now. Each page is a template that gets
constructed on-the-fly by PHP.

The variable being sent with the URL: showthread.php?t=272028
tells PHP wich thread to display ... which is the posts in this thread.
It pulls the appropriate posts from the database and generates this page.

09-03-2012, 04:59 PM
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