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08-31-2012, 05:37 PM
So, this is my first post. Not sure how active I will be in here, it depends if I get back into coding as a hobby.

Long time ago, I tried making an RPG style game. I worked on it in Flash, I was able to do graphics and code on one program which was nice. But it is not that powerful to my understanding.

I wanted to ask, what kind of coding should I use if I want to make a game that loads in your web browser? I liked Flash because I could easily throw it right on the web page and it would load up no problem. I want the game to save your file on an account on my web server (if I were to make this game) so you could come back from any pc and load up your progress.

Java? C++? Other?
I don't know much about other languages, but I've taken a class in high school and I dominated. I learned HTML and very beginner PHP when I was like, 11. I can catch on quick.

Thanks guys

08-31-2012, 06:23 PM

After some more research and googling, I've come to find that Actionscript isn't too bad for what I want. I just need the game to save and load information (simple x,y co-ordinates, statuses, etc. so just a bunch of variables and booleans) to continue or save game progress. Eventually, I may want to add some PvP or live-world interactions with other players. If I were to make a faster real-time server to show other players and whatnot that would be cool.

So, my question now, is what languages, other than actionscript, would I be using if I want to save and load a bunch of variables and booleans through my web browser game? Some tutorial(s) could help, just to give and receive info through actionscript.