View Full Version : Special printing inks brief security and development trends

08-31-2012, 02:13 AM
The surface of the plastic substrate UV inks Increasingly popular printing or UV coating, and this is challenging work items. Plastic printing material used in the printing industry are decades old, with the UV ink / varnish of the popular plastic substrates in UV ink printing on printers and ink manufacturers to put forward new issues, the biggest problem is how to to UV ink / varnish is firmly adhered to the plastic substrate surface, that attachment issues.

1. Plastic substrate surface tension Plastic printing, plastic substrates of the surface tension is the primary factor to consider first. Many plastic films have not been before, its surface tension is very low, generally need to be surface treatment to improve the plastic substrate surface tension, treatment generally 40 dyne / cm or higher. Typically, the supply of plastic manufacturers for plastic substrates were surface treatment, but treatment effect will soon be lost.

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