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08-18-2012, 03:30 PM
Howdy do!

I've taken it upon myself to build a website for a former teacher of mine, so that she has a place to post about assignments and such.

She's taken quite a shine to it, and because she wants to make the site as friendly to her students as possible, she decided that she wants to add music to it.

As of now, she sends me lists of YouTube links, I use video2mp3.net to convert them, and I hardcode them onto her site.

I want her to have the ability to paste the YouTube link, type in the title and artist, and have it automatically convert it to an MP3 and put it all on her site.

Take a look at the left sidebar on the site: http://www.sikora15.tk.

She wants it so that each song has one player and the title and artist above it, as it is right now.

So, basically, she logs in (already setup), which takes her to edit.php. On edit.php is where the interface will be for her to add songs.

She types in the song title, artist name, and the YouTube link. The script then puts SONG_TITLE - ARTIST in the sidebar.php file automatically. The script takes the YouTube link, converts it into an MP3, and puts it in the "music" folder.

Then, the code on the sidebar.php file needs to collect each song from the "music" folder, and give each one its own player.

Here is the code for a single hardcoded song using Zanorg Player.

<p class="song">Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson</p>
<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="zplayer.swf?mp3=music/callmemaybe.mp3&c1=cecece&c2=000000&c3=000000" width="200" height="20"/><param name="movie" value="zplayer.swf?mp3=music/callmemaybe.mp3&c1=cecece&c2=000000&c3=000000" /></object>

I realize that this is a huge project, so I don't expect it to be done quickly. I thank anyone and everyone for their help, and I'll gladly provide any other information necessary.

~Kyle <3