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08-15-2012, 12:03 AM

I'm currently working on a website for one of my former teachers, and need something done that is out of my reach. :p

She wants to be able to upload a video to a page, but have the ability to remove or replace it.

Let me see if I can explain further.

Here is a sample of her website homepage. There is an image slideshow (ignore the anime character I used for testing), and next to it is where she'd want the video to be displayed.


Now, there is a login button that takes you to edit.php, meaning that only she and I have access to edit certain things on her site (for obvious reasons).

So, on the edit.php page, I want to create a place where she can upload a video. When she uploads it, it has to replace any existing video that she added. I also want a button in the same area to remove the video.

Here's another catcher. The slideshow is right now centered. When a video is added, it needs to be moved to the left. When the video is removed, it needs to re-center. Not sure how difficult that would be.

Also, I'll need to add some fancy styling to the video, specifically a border, and it needs to be a set size, so whatever PHP is echoing needs to be customizable. ;)

To any and all that can help, arigatou~! (Japanese for "thank you") ^.^

If anything else is needed from me, please don't hesitate to ask.

Website URL is http://www.sikora15.tk/ in case anybody needs it.

BTW, we can take our time with this as it's not a necessity, but she'd like to have it available.