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09-30-2003, 01:08 PM
Hi there,

i'm very new in the subject of Javascript. I'm trying to use the JSE Search Script from this website. Now I have a little problem. I need the results page to be displayed in another frame than the search page. How do i do this?

Here is the code:

// ---------- script properties ----------

var results_location = "results.html";

// ---------- end of script properties ----------

function search_form(jse_Form) {
if (jse_Form.d.value.length > 0) {
document.cookie = "d=" + escape(jse_Form.d.value);
window.location = results_location;

Thank you very much for your help!!

Phil from Germany

09-30-2003, 06:00 PM
window.location = results_location;

would be

parent.framname.window.location.href = results_location;