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08-08-2012, 03:21 AM
I searched and searched for a Photo Gallery that was easy to set-up and finally found one that I was actually able to get set-up in my site and fit into the theme of my website. After getting everything working right I checked it live in several browsers, including Google Chrome 21.0.1180.60, IE 8 and Firefox 14.0.1. In both Chrome and Firefox the gallery appears correctly and functions properly. However in IE 8 it does not. After some research I discovered that the problem is the <nav> tag...it is not supported in IE 8.

This is the page in question (http://blackwraithclan.net/clan.htm)

<div id="content1">
<input id="slide-01" type="radio" name="nav" />
<fieldset id="slide-content-01">
<input id="legend-01" type="checkbox" />
<label for="legend-01"><em>Jacqui - Council Member</em>
Biography of Member
</label> </fieldset>

<input id="slide-02" type="radio" name="nav" />
<fieldset id="slide-content-02">
<input id="legend-02" type="checkbox" />
<label for="legend-03"><em>Jacqui - Council Member</em>
Biography of Member
</label> </fieldset>

<input id="slide-03" type="radio" name="nav" />
<fieldset id="slide-content-03">
<input id="legend-03" type="checkbox" />
<label for="legend-03"><em>Jacqui - Council Member</em>
Biography of Member
</label> </fieldset>

<input id="slide-04" type="radio" name="nav" />
<fieldset id="slide-content-04">
<input id="legend-04" type="checkbox" />
<label for="legend-04"><em>Jacqui - Council Member</em>
Biography of Member
</label> </fieldset>

<input id="slide-05" type="radio" name="nav" />
<fieldset id="slide-content-05">
<input id="legend-05" type="checkbox" />
<label for="legend-05"><em>Jacqui - Council Member</em>
Biography of Member
</label> </fieldset>
<label id="label-01" for="slide-01"></label>
<label id="label-02" for="slide-02"></label>
<label id="label-03" for="slide-03"></label>
<label id="label-04" for="slide-04"></label>
<label id="label-05" for="slide-05"></label>

Any help is greatly appreciated.

08-08-2012, 03:49 AM
You won’t get this to work in IE 8 because it’s using highly experimental CSS 3. You will definitely need some JavaScript for that. And apart from that I, personally, think the set-up you currently have isn’t really something for real life either. A lot of useless, non-semantic mark-up to achieve the effect. I think just because one can do it doesn’t mean one has to.