View Full Version : Sending keystrokes to Flash window?

08-07-2012, 05:18 PM
I have an application that sends text to a flash "chat" program. For the most part this works fine, but depending on the browser, carriage returns are not processed. Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 21 are two examples of this.

If I send a message that looks like:


It will look like A-B in the flash program. I'm using PostMessage (Windows API) to send the keystrokes from my app. Other browsers accept the carriage return including Chrome 20 (something has changed in 21).

Does anyone have an idea why IE and Chrome behave this way and what I might be able to do to solve the issue?

The flash program is not mine and I have no control over how it works. I have tried sending carriage returns, line feeds, and both. I have also tried html but it's processed as plain text, so no luck there.

Any ideas are appreciated!