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08-04-2012, 04:03 AM

I'm working on a website for a game I play and instead of having third-party advertising, I'm going to have a form so members of the game can add their own, in-game based adverts on the website upon staff approval.

The staff in the game have already approved I can sell this advertising space for in-game money which will be used for competitions and whatnot.

Adverts will be priced upon size, length, etc...

There might be options for them to pay more so their advert gets shwon more...

I need something which can be used multiple times, what I mean by this is, depending on the size, will depend on where the advert goes. These sizes are set and there are div's dotted about for the adverts to go in.

I need the adverts to loop every 30 or so seconds and be taken off once their duration has expired.

How can I make all this possible and is there anything similar to this I can use as a template?

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