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08-01-2012, 08:21 PM
Hello friends i am facing some problem to share file between my two PC i just uprated my one pc and installed win7 and my older pc is running winxp now i cant share file or play game through lan network so please tell me how to configure win7 and winxp LAN network

08-02-2012, 02:04 AM
If your intention is to just to do a one time transfer of files from one PC to the other then all you need is a crossover cable (assuming both PCs have an available ethernet port) that allows you to directly connect the 2 PCs together.

If your intention is to have both PCs on a network configured so that they can access each other at anytime then you need a router in place that both PCs are connected to and setup a local network so both PCs are given an IP address on that local network. Then you just need to set the "workgroup" of both Windows machines to the same name. This will allow both to see each other on the network. At that point you would have to set up folders on each machine as being shared and available on the workgroup with proper permissions so each PC can access each others shared folders.

Another alternative is having a share drive or storage space on that local network. Some modern day routers also provide the capability to plug a flash drive into the router to use as network storage.

08-05-2012, 02:53 AM
You do not need a router or anything. Just get the correct lan cable and hook it bwtween the two computers. If you need 100 feet, have it made. It is cheap.

Now, click on the C drive of the main computer and share it. Give it a name.

Now reboot and boot the other computer after. Go in the other computer and click on My Computer. Go in the Tools menu and click on 'Map network Drive'
A window will open up and it should show the name you gave the computer. Click on it...wait a few seconds for it to locate it and when it does, you are connected.

If you want to share the second computer, do the same think. Click on the C drive and select share and use a different name. Reboot both computers.
Go into the first one , click My computer, click on 'Map network drive.
It will locate it in secods.

That's it.....no routers necessary.

08-09-2012, 11:38 PM
just get an Ethernet cable and connect them together

Coding Start
08-15-2012, 08:59 AM
Do you have been check it your connection device, such as LAN card, Ethernet cards, or connection cables? This device often make any error if you not plug properly in the socket.