View Full Version : H1 Titles Or H2 for Google

08-01-2012, 11:00 AM
Am i supposed to use the H1 or H2 Tag for my page / post titles?

08-01-2012, 12:24 PM
It depends. Basically the first level heading is meant for the primary title of a document. For example, if you have a thesis the overall title of it would be the h1. Any subsequent section would be a child of the primary title and therefore would require a second level heading, and so forth. Same would apply to average websites where the h1 is the title of the entire page, and lower level headings follow.

Now, this was when HTML was intended/used in its original sense, as (text) document mark-up language. With the advent of HTML 5 and the continuing progression of making an “application” out of everything in the world wide web, things have changed a bit. There the headings aren’t applied document wide but for each section. You have to consider the fact that <section> and <article> are supposed to be embeddable in other websites/documents/applications, and therefore it would mess up the document outline if headings were not matching the structure of the document where the sections are embedded. This means in HTML 5 each <section> or <article> can have a first level heading, and the browser is looking at the nesting structure of the articles/sections to determine which level it is.

So, it depends on which (supposed) standards you follow.