View Full Version : Preload Page or Postload swf

Jul 31st, 2012, 11:38 PM
I have an asp page that just basically returns a directory listing from server along with a hyperlink to each file and an embedded swf player for all .mp3 files. There are a few hundred files in the given directory and the page loads fine without the associated swf players. Once I add those players in, the page takes over 30 seconds to load. I am looking for a way to either preload the page using progress bar/hourglass, etc or to load all text and links first before loading any of the swf files as its not apparent to the end user that there is anything happening during that delay.

I have seen ways to preload pages using jQuery but nothing seems to correctly work with the .swf files. I'm open to other suggestions as well but it is important that I include the swf files on each line as I do today.

EDIT: I should mention that within the swf files themselves, I already have the code so that each audio file is not preloaded into the the player. However, there is still too much of a delay when loading the .asp with just the base players regardless.