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07-27-2012, 05:58 AM
In past versions of HTML I used frames. This gave me the ability to loan item was without having to refresh the entire page.

With HTML 5. I would like to use frames only because when I load something I don't want to refresh the entire page.

Am I going in the right direction by using frames to avoid a total page refresh. Is there something else or a different method, besides frames, I could use to accomplish this. I heard something like I-frame, but don't know exactly what it will accomplish. I am listing to sites. The first one is not HTML 5 and it uses frames, so I get the feel I'm looking for. The second one is HTML 5 and it has the annoying practice of a total refresh.



07-27-2012, 06:13 PM
To be honest, i would not iFrame in all your content just so the whole page doesnt refresh.
Thats pretty much how all websites work.
The only thing i would "possibly" do would be dynamically loading in the page content like this example


and also here is a site i found the explains a little about why not to iframe content in.


Hope this helps.

07-28-2012, 06:00 AM
I agree that most websites have that refresh issue.

I have a definite reason why I want to avoid a complete refresh. Most of my clients are fairly new or have limited inexperience with the website. it's possible that some people will see a total refresh as if they were going to a different website, being hijacked, and be very uncomfortable. sometimes it is nothing more than someone planting a seed to make people nervous. I know this seems a bit over the top, but I have had problems with this.

I see your concern for I-frame and from what I have read since your comment I plan on shying away.

But the fear most programmers have regarding frames is something I don't understand. Is it that some browsers do not support them. The only browsers. I'm concerned with are the ones within the last one or two years. and mostly chrome and Internet Explore. Most of my clients stay within the basics.
www.home2000.com Frames
www.home2000.com/h2 needs to be updated to frames (possibly)