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07-25-2012, 03:10 AM
Hi everyone
i was wondering if anyone can tell me of a good place to get a tutorial that is up to date, on how to add a remember me to my site. I made up this little script to add, but something is tell me that it can be done better and also its not working lol as of yet thanks...

if ($rememberMe == "rememberMe"){
$rememberMe = "1";
$rememberMe = "0";
//Code here
header("Location: users");
$datetime = date("d")*10000000000 + date("m")*100000000 + date("Y")*10000 + date("G")*100 + date("i");

07-25-2012, 04:24 PM
Why why WHY would you store the password in an already cracked encoding scheme to a cookie the user can read? DON'T!!! md5 is not secure in the least, hasn't been for a while.

That being said, by remember me, you mean just writing a cookie that logs a user in automatically if its set? If so, you've already done that, what's the issue? That's really all there is to it: if the user is logged in, write a cookie, and if the user isn't logged in, check if the cookie is set. But you don't wanna to something as simple as the user name, and you NEVER wanna store a password.

Instead, store a hashed string (often I go for stuff like username + date registered + salt phrase). Compare that hashed string to what you expect, if it matches, log the user in, if not, delete the cookie.