View Full Version : Feed Processing Issue.

07-21-2012, 08:24 PM
Hi Guys,

Basically I am grabbing the XML file from MochiMedia for the games database. And what I am trying to do is process the downloaded feed for all matches <entry>*</entry>, this works fine in another one of my scripts and they are written practically the same except that one is a different feed url and there are some differences inside of the feeds. I'm starting to pull my hair out here.

Here is my code example. Hopefully it doesn't look all botched on here. It looks a lot smoother on notepad++.

Here is a online version of it so you can see what it displays:

It's basically saying that preg_match_all can't find any matches, and thus isn't bothering to continue. I am pretty sure i have preg_match_all set to find all data in between <entry> and </entry>.


I fixed this, I was trying to $count the preg_match_all array $matches, when I should have been counting the preg_match_array $matches[0] since there are sub-arrays that I am counting. so instead of doing $count = preg_match_all blah, I did $count = count($matches[0])