View Full Version : How do i make my search engine search with wiki,youtube, and ebay?

07-19-2012, 11:40 PM
I want people to choose what site they want to search on. So i made a working search engine but how do i get the options to work? Here is a pic of my website

as you can see there is 3 options, If you choose lets say ebay, if you choose the ebay option then when you search it would bring up ebay items. Get what i mean? now if you use the YouTube option then it would search for YouTube videos. So say you type in "how was google made" and then click the wiki option then i want wiki to come up and show the page "google".
My php



//get data
$button = $_GET['submit'];
$search = $_GET['search'];

$s = $_GET['s'];
if (!$s)
$s = 0;

$e = 10; // Just change to how many results you want per page

$next = $s + $e;
$prev = $s - $e;

if (strlen($search)<=2)
echo "Must be greater then 3 chars";
echo "<br /><table><tr><td></td><td><form action='search.php' method='GET'><img src='logo.png'><br/><input type='text' onclick=value='' size='50' name='search' value='$search'><input type='submit' name='submit' value='Search'></form></td></tr></table>";

//connect to database

//explode out search term
$search_exploded = explode(" ",$search);

foreach($search_exploded as $search_each)

//construct query
if ($x==1)
$construct .= "keywords LIKE '%$search_each%'";
$construct .= " OR keywords LIKE '%$search_each%'";


//echo outconstruct
$constructx = "SELECT * FROM searchengine WHERE $construct";

$construct = "SELECT * FROM searchengine WHERE $construct LIMIT $s,$e";
$run = mysql_query($constructx);

$foundnum = mysql_num_rows($run);

$run_two = mysql_query("$construct");

if ($foundnum==0)
echo "No results found for <b>$search</b>";
echo "<table bgcolor='#0000FF' width='100%' height='1px'><br /></table><table bgcolor='#31bbf4' width='100%' height='10px'><tr><td><div align='right'><b>$foundnum-20 results found for $search.</b></div></td></tr></table><p>";

while ($runrows = mysql_fetch_assoc($run_two))
//get data
$title = $runrows['title'];
$desc = $runrows['description'];
$url = $runrows['url'];

echo "<table width='300px'>
<h3><a href='http://$url'><b>$title</b></a><br />
<font color='green'>$url</font></table></h3>

<table width='100%'>
<div align="center">

if (!$s<=0)
echo "<a href='search.php?search=$search&s=$prev'>Prev</a>";

$i =1;
for ($x=0;$x<$foundnum;$x=$x+$e)

echo " <a href='search.php?search=$search&s=$x'>$i</a> ";



if ($s<$foundnum-$e)
echo "<a href='search.php?search=$search&s=$next'>Next</a>";





<link rel="stylesheet"type="text/css" href="style.css"/>


<div id="logo">
<img src="logo.png" title='Searchforfans.com'/>

<div class='txboxposition'>
<form action='search.php' method='GET'>
<p><font size='5' face='arial'>
<input type='text' name='search' class='textbox' title='Search'><br>
<input type='submit' name='submit' class='submitbutton' value='Search'></font></p>

<select id="dropbox">
<option value="option"></option>
<option value="option1">Wiki</option>
<option value="option2">YouTube</option>
<option value="option3">eBay</option>