View Full Version : Help required with an idea for a website

07-19-2012, 05:35 PM
So I have very limited coding knowledge, I know how to a basic website together using HTML/CSS and copy/paste a bit of JS etc but that’s about it. Thing is I have an idea for a more complex website and need help on how to achieve it.

The idea behind the site is to allow users to sign up and then be taken through a short step by step process allowing them to:

Enter their general details
Upload a PDF or word doc
Select a category from dropdown LOVs
Record a short 5 minute video, exactly like seen here http://intro.talentvx.com/sdvfr_play/VideoRecorder.asp
Complete the process above and end up with a user profile page i.e. www.domainname.com/username
The profile would show the video and the uploaded doc along with the details they entered when signing up

The important thing is the video, I want this to be stored on my own server so that rules out YouTube and the like. I was thinking I could use some sort of pre built script for all of the login and user profile creation, or jquery snippets?

But my main struggle is trying to copy the video technique used in the example above, how is this achieved and is there any way I can pull the code and use it myself?

Appreciate any help or feedback!

Thanks :)

*UPDATE*: On further investigation it looks like they are using this http://hdfvr.com/