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07-18-2012, 11:36 PM
I'm looking to write a C++ or visual basic program to help automate part of the job i'm currently doing. I'm wondering if this is a feasible project for me to learn how to do or if I'd be better off looking into hiring someone with more knowledge on the subject.

I need the program to read data from a Tolteq GUIDE MWD Surface System (it has a table built into it that continuously updates with the data I need to import) reads this data into an excel file, then outputs it to text boxes in a website, presses a couple buttons and checks a couple boxes on that website, then also reads the data from the excel file into another program, clicks add survey in that program and enters data from the excel file into 3 text boxes.

Kind of hard to give a give a good explanation with very little programming knowledge, but hopefully that's good enough to get my point across. I've got lots of down time while I'm working to learn how to do this. Is C++, Visual Basic, or some other language best suited to get this done? Any information to help me along is greatly appreciated!


07-26-2012, 10:07 PM
The first thing, is to determine how to read the data.

Is the Tolteq data stored as clear text or is it encrypted?

One you figure out how to read the data then you can store it however you like (if needs be) or better yet just constantly read it from the source files and use that as your data set for the display on the website or application gui.