View Full Version : Applet kills IE6

09-24-2003, 04:30 PM
We've got one of those 360-degree viewer things on one of our sites, that intermittently kills IE6; sometimes it hangs, sometimes all browser windows will close without warning. It - so far - seems not to affect other browsers.

Without looking yet at the class or jar files themselves, I was wondering if anyone with experience in this area could have a look at how we're coding the html and highlight any potential issues?

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<title>360 panoramic - chalet Senechal</title>
<body bgcolor="#7878B9" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" alink="#009933">
<applet code="ptviewer.class" align="baseline" width="400" height="380 " archive="ptviewer.jar" mayscript="true">
<param name=view_height value="300">
<param name=view_width value="400">
<param name=quality value="3">
<param name=cursor value="move">
<param name=auto value="0.4">
<param name=bar_width value="256">
<param name=bar_height value="15">
<param name=bar_x value="72">
<param name=bar_y value="190">
<param name=barcolor value="4A4AC6">
<param name=bgcolor value="7878B9">
<param name=wait value="loading-big.gif">
<param name=file value="Senechal.jpg">

<param name=psize value="242000">
<param name=tilt value="0">
<param name=pan value="-120">
<param name=fov value="90">
<param name=fovmin value="50">
<param name=fovmax value="120">
<param name=tiltmax value="90">
<param name=tiltmin value="-90">

<param name=cache value="false">
<param name=frame value="buttons.gif">

<param name=shotspot0 value="x100 y310 a115 b328 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0.4,0,1)' ">
<param name=shotspot1 value="x130 y310 a152 b328 u'ptviewer:stopAutoPan()' ">
<param name=shotspot2 value="x168 y310 a195 b328 u'ptviewer:gotoView(-120,0,94)' ">
<param name=shotspot3 value="x278 y308 a298 b318 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0.6,1)' ">
<param name=shotspot4 value="x278 y320 a298 b330 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,-0.6,1)' ">
<param name=shotspot5 value="x210 y310 a237 b330 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0,1.01)' ">
<param name=shotspot6 value="x240 y310 a267 b330 u'ptviewer:startAutoPan(0,0,0.99)' ">
<param name=shotspot8 value="x150 y340 a248 b352 u'javascript:window.close()">
<param name=shotspot7 value="x72 y362 a164 b378 u'http://www.pro-imaging.com' ">