View Full Version : DM_LoginCookie (can someone explain what is this)

06-21-2012, 10:35 AM

I am new to web development. I was going through one website code and i found this. Can anyone explain me or give me some pointers what it means. I have already tried searching on net but of no avail.

Please see the code below:--
script type="text/javascript">
DM_CloseLabel = 'close';DM_PaidLabel = 'paid';DM_LoginCookie = 'log_inf';DM_PageStartTime =

new Date();facebook_enabled = true;DM_Widget_PageItem_Facebook_Connect_AUTOLOGIN = true;HitMapEnabled =

true;HitMapLoginAnchor = '#hp-h-8'
I dont understand what are these DM_ labels. can anyone kindly explain.