View Full Version : PS C5 Automate export for web adjust name

06-19-2012, 09:40 PM

I want to automate a task in Photoshop C5 to resize a folder of images, one for dog and one for cat images (different sizes, two different automations). The images will be resized for a full sized image, and for a thumbnail. I want to use the default settings I have when exporting the image for the web so I will be using that save option.

The work around I am currently using is the dog and cat folders include two folders, one called "full" and one called "thumb" and they save in the separate folders with the same name. I can rename these photos and move them manually.

What I would like to do is have Photoshop add some data to the names so that I can save them to the same folder. Also, can I add a timestamp in the name?

How do I export images for the web and add a suffix to the preexisting name using Photoshop automate?

Thanks for reading!