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06-11-2012, 10:47 PM
I am trying to figure out how to build a menu like the one in the template found here - http://templates.entheosweb.com/template_number/16651.asp

The menu slides out from the side of the page on mouseover. I have searched for a "how to" on google and haven't found anything. One problem is that I'm not exactly sure of what you even call this.

I think it is done in flash but I'm not sure. If it can be accomplished in some other way would be fine with me.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


06-11-2012, 11:46 PM
This template uses flash (you can easilly identify flash content by right clicking on the screen), but it can be done with javascript as well. Read about hover (onmouseover) events and nested divs (js) or animated mcs (flash)